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Mar 4 11

Reusable Shopping Bags With Logo Printing Will Be Used More in L.A. County

by Brandon Glenn
Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable Shopping Bags with Logo Printed

Parts of L.A. county have now banned ‘single-use’ plastic bags. These are the typical, traditional plastic bags that have been used in grocery stores for decades. This ban is not alone in the state of California. Many other districts have placed the same ban already.

The measure was adopted by a 3-1 vote in November 2010, supervisors of the county, citing extraordinarily high levels of contamination of residential areas and water bodies. Trashed plastic bags make up almost 25% of the county to clean the litter!

Not only does the latter prohibition prevent stores from giving customers plastic bags for single use, it also goes another step and requires stores to charge a fee of 10 cents for every paper bag. Small plastic bags to contain fruit, vegetables or raw meat separate from other groceries will not be affected by the new law.

This plastic bag ban in California is not entirely a bad thing. Bans plastic bags will create a huge promotional opportunity. Local businesses in the County of Los Angeles would pay attention!

Now that customers do not have access to plastic bags (and reduced access to the paper) – reusable shopping bags with logo printing have quickly become a necessity. Your company can fill an important void by providing non-woven grocery totes to promote to their clients, potential clients and even employees. Beneficiaries will not only appreciate practical gifts, but the printed packaging, will also help create some exposure for brand marketing at any time and wherever they are implemented.

Remember, do not try to change too many things at once. Going green is good for the environment, but only if you actually do. Make small changes, yes, the later stages will come later. You must ensure that you’re still in business to make money and have fun doing it!

When a company has begun to make changes in its impact on the environment, customers need to know! A method of ensuring that customers know that changes are reusable shopping bags with the logo. Companies can use green bags marked to show his customers new environmental measures taken. A logo and slogan can be printed on promotional canvas bag that says something like. “We have Green Initiative” Customers feel much they buy into a company that helps the environment, and also love the new shopping bag given reusable!

Reusable shopping bags are the best form of a mobile billboard. Everyone will see the logo printed on the side.

Feb 23 11

Reusable Shopping Bags Are Promoting Businesses

by Brandon Glenn
Reusable Shopping Bags with Logo

Reusable Shopping Bags with Logo

Promo products are designed to offer the most loyal customers and attract new customers. If your promotion does not work, then you’re not using it correctly. While using eco bags, you can enjoy a simple and very effective way to promote your business. You can deliver much more and have much more to offer to your customers. Eco-friendly bags will work for your company.

The Most Loyal Customers

This idea uses cloth bags environmentally in the best possible way. Instead of simply giving away the bags to all current and potential customers, only give the logo printed bags to customers who are loyal to your company. There are a few ways to go about doing this: give a free bag for customers who allocate a certain amount of money in your store. For example, a golf shop can say: “All orders $ 150 or more will receive a free shopping green bag!” Customers will be more willing to spend money when they know there is an incentive, and the bags are very inexpensive.

Marketing Campaigns

The easiest way to use business promotional tote bags is by printing your logo, website and telephone number on the bags. Then, just hand bags to your customers and potential customers. You can distribute to customers when they visit your store, give them out at a fair or another event. People love receiving things for free, and feel that you are an eco friendly business trying to reduce the use of traditional plastic bags. The logo will be seen countless times, that people who receive the bags and they will remember your business next time they need your products or services.

Another way to retain customers is to give the bags away, when a customer makes multiple purchases. For example, changing the oil company might say: “After getting your oil changed 5 times, you get free eco-friendly bag!”

These ideas can be used immediately once you have your reusable shopping bags with logo printing. All you need do is promote the bags to your clients. Customers love to get “free” things. You will see your company attract new customers and existing customers spend more money in your company and return more often, something that all companies can use more.

Feb 17 11

3 Easy Steps For Business to Go Green

by Brandon Glenn

Reusable Shopping Bag with Logo

Reusable Shopping Bag with Logo

A lot of businesses are asking, “How can my business go green?” There is a clear desire for consumers to buy products from companies in relation to the environment. While the company is not the green industry directly to the consumer always wants to know that the firm buys a company that is the environment in mind.

So how do companies go green? And, perhaps most importantly, how companies report that their customers?

Changes are correlated to customers

When a company has begun to make changes in their impact on the environment, customers need to know! An effective method to ensure that customers know the changes are reusable shopping bags with logo printing. Companies can use bags marked in green to show their clients new green measures they take. A logo and slogan can be printed on canvas bag promotions that says something like: “We have green initiative.” Customers feel good they buy from a company that helps the environment, and that they will also love the new reusable shopping bag that you give them!

Power supply

This green tip can save businesses money! Everyone likes to save money. Businesses spend a lot of energy, compared with an average household. This is not necessarily a bad thing, either. The light must be switched computers need to run, so solar panels can help reduce energy costs. If a company can put together just a few panels, they can run certain parts of their activities on solar energy. For example, the heater is run off a solar panel. If this change is made, it’s great. Then make another change, and put the air conditioning on solar energy. Solar panels can be installed so that when the appliance require more energy, the source automatically returns to the original source.

Printed supplies

Companies have a lot of written material they use. The companies have business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, and the list goes on. What if those media were printed by a printer who is eco-friendly? Finding a green printer can be difficult at times. The business owner or company should ensure that the printer is truly eco-friendly. Many printers say that they are eco-friendly, but make sure you do your research. The most eco-friendly printers, explains why they are eco-friendly, just ask.

Remember, do not try to do too many things at once. Going green is good for the environment, but only if you are actually doing it. Making small changes, then, the greater steps later. You must make sure that you’re still a business making money and have fun doing it!

Feb 11 11

Non-woven Shopping Bags with Logo Printing

by Brandon Glenn
Non-Woven Shopping Bags with Logo

Non-Woven Shopping Bags with Logo Printed

Now-a-days, you shouldn’t want to be spending irrationally on advertising that will not work for your business. There are numerous avenues you could be promoting your organization, but you need to have an discretion. Make sure that the ways you are currently using to promote your business are actually working. Measure the results of each promotion.

A great way to effectively promote your business is by imprinting your logo on a reusable shopping bag. An eco friendly bag with a printed logo give you good marketing, help the environment, and they give positive vibes to your clients.


By printing your logo on eco friendly tote bags, your logo works as an advertisement. Clients and potential clients will love reusing the bags every time they hit the grocery store, and they will see your logo every time they use the bags. Not only will your clients see your website, logo and phone number, but any one shopping with them will see your information. Your logo will be seen by countless numbers of people and countless numbers of times. You, essentially, have the cheapest mobile billboard you’ll ever pay for.

Going Green

Since reusable bags are eco friendly, your business will be saving the planet. For every green bag you use, you will be slashing the number of plastic bags used traditionally. If you get a reusable shopping bag that is made from cotton canvas, too, you will be saving the environment even more because cotton canvas bags biodegrade. Cotton is a natural growing fiber, and once these bags are thrown away eventually, they will compost right into the earth again.

Good messages

When you give your customers non-woven grocery bag, they will understand that your business cares about the planet. They will enjoy the realization that you are making a positive influence, no matter how big or small the impact. When your customers have a more favorable outlook about you, they will appreciate that, and will be more likely to purchase products from you the next time.

Make sure that when you advertise your business, you are getting good results. Reusable shopping bags with your logo imprinted on them are a great plan to advertise your company. You will be more visible, helping the environment and giving great messages to your customers.

Jan 8 11

Announcing American Made Promos! Our sister site:

by Brandon Glenn and is proud to announce the grand opening of our sister site

This new site has been designed to meet the needs of companies looking to purchase promotional products that are only made in the USA. Currently, there are quite a few categories, and we will be adding more as time allows. For now, if you need your logo printed on promotional products made in the USA, and you don’t see it on our website, either give us a call or use the “Request a Quote” form.

This has been a goal of ours for quite some time. We feel that it is necessary to provide a site that markets strictly products made in the USA.

American Made Promos

Dec 17 10

Eco Friendly Fundraisers: Reusable Tote Bags

by Brandon Glenn

Eco Friendly Bags FundraiserNon-profit organizations are always looking for ways to raise money. Fundraisers are a popular way to allow a lot of people to get involved with the non-profit and raise money at the same time. There are a lot of good, profitable fundraisers out there, especially one that will continue to give back.

Reusable shopping bag fundraisers have the potential to raise a lot of money, and there are a lot of benefits for the non-profit organization and everyone else involved.

• The eco friendly bags are sold to raise money for the non-profit organization

• Reusable shopping bags will cut down on the amount of plastic bags being used in the community

• People buying the bags will get to keep something for the money they spend

• The reusable bags are imprinted with the organization’s logo. So, they will raise even more awareness about a good cause for years to come!

• The bulk of the work for the fundraiser can be distributed over lots of people who sell the bags

• The cost of the bags is very minimal to the organization

• The cost of the bags is low for the end buyers. So, the bags are easy to sell and people are more likely to purchase multiple bags at a time.

• The fundraiser can be done in quantities as low as 100 bags or in large quantities to make a lot of money!

• This eco friendly fundraiser works perfectly for all types of non-profit organizations like churches, schools, booster clubs, sororities, youth groups, and just about any other charity.

Again, selling eco friendly bag for a fundraising project works out great for the organization in more than one way! The bags raise more than simply funds; they also will raise awareness in the community by being branded with the organizations logo or slogan. People love the reusable bags because everyone needs them and they are an inexpensive way to help out a good cause.

To read the same content follow this link.

Dec 9 10

5 Reasons Non-Profits Should Use Shopping Bags with Logo Printing

by Brandon Glenn

These days, its hard enough for non-profit organizations to raise money. In a down economy, people simply are not as generous with their giving. That doesn’t mean that non-profit organizations shouldn’t be able to get the funds they need to keep their projects moving. A simple and effective fundraising option can be used with reusable shopping bags. Here are five ways non-profits should use these bags in their upcoming fundraiser.

1. Sell advertisement space.

Local businesses are also looking for inexpensive ways to get their name out to the public. Non-profit organizations can team up with local businesses to get their bags paid for either in part or in whole, and the local businesses will get their logo on the reusable bags. Its a win-win for both parties.

2. Sell the bags for profit.

Whether the non-profit decides to sell advertising space or not, the bags can be sold for a profit to the community or online. The bags cost a small fraction of what people are willing to pay to help out a good cause.

3. Print the non-profit logo for awareness.

Not only can businesses advertise on the bags, but the non-profit organization should also have the logo on the bags. This will help people feel good about the bags they purchase from the non-profit, and it will raise awareness as the bags are used in the grocery stores and around the community.

4. The bags are good for the environment.

Okay, I realize that this is not an official way that the bags can be put to use, but the fact that the reusable shopping bags are eco friendly not only helps the environment but it helps the non-profit also. People will be proud to be helping out a good cause and saving a few plastic bags at the same time.

Fundraising Tote Bag

Non-Woven Tote Bag Great for Fundraisers

Don’t know what to print on the bags? Instead of having just one design to choose from, have a competition and receive dozens of designs. Side note: make sure the artwork is submitted in a screen printable format. The competition will not only draw a lot of good ideas for the printing, but it will also raise awareness for the non-profit organization as well.

Whether it is a non-profit organization, a booster club at a school, or a church, these reusable shopping bags with logo printing will help raise money to keep the organization running. People in the community will love purchasing a bag with a good cause’s logo printed on the side, and the non-profit will benefit at the same time.